HMC Systems is asked everyday, what makes us different from others in the space.  It’s quite simple.  An organization can’t audit until it has a firm foundation by identifying all of the potential businesses in the County or City. 

Welcome to the tax revenue generating system for your community

eithernetimagesHMC Systems has developed a system for all County and City organizations to generate missing tax dollars. 

Its sophisticated online service discovers businesses not licensed on your County tax roll, and businesses not licensed in your City.  Each system and program is designed specifically for your County or City.

Our automated system does all of the work for your County or City at a mere fraction of your current discovery costs!

Who is HMC Systems

HMC Systems (HMC) is a Technology based Applications Development Services Company. In short we develop applications as a service to streamline local governments and generate missed revenue. HMC strives to improve the financial situation in communities across the country by providing our clients with a service to produce additional income.

HMC is a division of PMB Incorporated (PMB). PMB, founded in 2006, has been actively engaged in the private sector Web Applications field for many years.

The idea of HMC was formed in 2010 during a client web data mining project to locate newer businesses, unlisted by cities or counties. It became apparent that a retooling of our software would give HMC the ability to locate, for our clients, unlicensed city businesses and businesses not on county tax rolls. HMC can now conduct these searches quickly and efficiently.

We accomplish this mission by working closely with our clients; identifying their needs and matching them to the appropriate programs. Combining technology tools with staff dedicated to customer satisfaction, we seek to provide superior, effective and timely service. We value our relationships and are committed to working at the highest ethical and professional levels.


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